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Our meticulously crafted set of services facilitates the decision-making process for our clients. Coupled with our time tested and fail proof systems, efficient execution of those investment decisions helps us progress with the prosperity of our clients.

TRADE SMART want you to increase your wealth while we monitor the risk at both client and company levels. Should you choose to partner with us, TRADE SMART have the following to offer:

Institutional Sales

Our services within the financial markets has earned us acclimations within the industry and amongst our clients by replacing traditional methods of equity brokerage, to provide one-to-one customized, reliable and secure financial services to investment banks, NBFI’s, Leasing, Insurance, Mutual Funds and other sectors.
Our core function lies with our highly skilled and experienced equity trading team. With an objective to provide clients with competitive financial services, we ensure each client individualized services to match distinct profiles. Added to this, the integration of our equity sales team with that of our research function enables our equity sales team to provide in addition to brokerage services, news and views on the latest happenings in the financial markets.

Retail Sales

Domestic investors constitute the largest percentage of the daily trading volume conducted on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, and their numbers are increasing rapidly every year. To benefit from this rapid growth, "TRADE SMART" has focused on the expansion of client base, served by its current efforts to provide on-line trading and through its domestic sales and trading professionals. "TRADE SMART" is well positioned to better serve its clients.
Our retail services were designed and developed to accommodate a broad array of retail clients including low profit individuals to high-net-worth clients. Through our trained and experienced retail desk we specialize in individualized portfolio management services to provide clients with a mix of long and short-term investments based on comprehensive risk assessment procedures.
The retail clients from all over the country are kept abreast with latest development in the capital markets through Automatic SMS Alert system.

Online Trading

The combination of a booming equity market, stable economic fundamentals, proliferation of information technology, and the Company’s commitment to providing its customers with outstanding financial services has resulted in the establishment of Online trading – a division formed with the intention of providing retail and institutional investors the requisite tools, applications and business process to enter into the exciting world of online trading in Pakistan. With a strategy, which stresses one-to-one personalized marketing Online, ensures each customer a unique experience in online trading. It utilizes the latest in computer hardware/software, onsite/offsite backup procedures and security measures to provide customers with the most reliable, and secure infrastructure for online trading in Pakistan. All of these features combined with its ability to provide real time access to news, information and market updates, distinguish Online from its competitors. While still in its inception stages, Online has invested significant resources in its business strategy, and intends to achieve leadership status in online trading, through its specialized products and services in the coming years.

Research Department

In the process of establishing as the backbone of "TRADE SMART", it will grow steadily and will be composed of dedicated equity analysts with strong backgrounds and high ethical standards. "TRADE SMART"’s research department will be a regular supplier of information to its Clients. To maintain a good coverage of the Pakistani stocks necessitates a thorough understanding of economic fundamentals and political dynamics. The research team will monitor these developments closely and provide comprehensive macro-economic updates and analysis in a timely manner. The ability to locate and gather accurate data from many sectors of the economy through reliable industrial sources and contacts will be an advantage developed by "TRADE SMART"’s analysts. The research department at "TRADE SMART" will be reputed to be the provider of the most pertinent investment advice based on thorough fundamental analysis and accurate company valuation. In addition to these functions the research department will provide investors and the industry with expert analysis and opinions on numerous economic issues through daily, weekly and monthly research publications. These publications will cover the latest developments in economics, politics, numerous industries and the stock market.

Corporate Finance

Combined with its services in equity trading, the Company additionally specializes in corporate finance and investment banking. Some of the functions of this department include advisory services to corporate clients on raising finances through domestic capital markets, privatization and establishments of ventures, and active participation in origination of deals. It additionally specializes in developing financial models/projections, structuring of Term Financing Certificates (TFC), issues and preparation of information memorandum/offer for sale of private placements of debt and equity instruments.

Asset Management

"TRADE SMART" is continuously working to improve its asset management skills and services. Currently, it offers Discretionary Portfolio Management Services. Portfolio managers at "TRADE SMART" follow a very thorough process to design, invest and monitor the performance of each individual client's portfolio.

Operations and Accounting

At "TRADE SMART", two separate departments carry out Operations and Accounting. The Operations Department is responsible for processing security trades as well as handling all monetary flows, the settlement of equity and treasury bills. Banks and custodial institutions deal directly with this Department at "TRADE SMART".  The Accounting Department maintains all of "TRADE SMART" financial records. Besides long-term bookkeeping activities, it keeps a daily record of all personnel and administrative transactions.

Internal Auditing

The Internal Auditing Department ensures that the Operations and Accounting Departments conform to the rules of the Capital Markets and Pakistani Tax Authorities. The Department verifies that the brokers, client representatives working in trading and treasury units have performed their duties within the limits of Pakistan's strict code of conduct. The Department is also responsible for the preparation of "TRADE SMART"’s monthly profitability reports and annual budget for the management committee.